Name: Halo Labs, Inc.


Phone: 5414645694

Address: 65 Queen Street West, Suite 805 Toronto, ONT M5H 2M5 Canada

Stock Symbol: AGEEF


Extraction methods halo’s extraction methods are a crucial part of our path to become the leading multi-country cannabis operator. halo has developed expert knowledge in multiple methods of extraction and manufacturing to ensure that we stay at the forefront of cannabis production. our current manufacturing processes consist of existing practices that we’ve refined alongside halo’s proprietary techniques. we mainly operate using solvent extraction methods such as both butane (bho), propane (pho), ethanol, and even a proprietary chemical solvent developed by halo to distill isolates. we also have the capability to conduct supercritical carbon dioxide (co2) extraction, one of the most popular methods for edibles and vape cartridges. being able to take advantage of multiple distillation methods means that we’re able to create cannabis extracts for a variety of different purposes and consumer bases.