Name: FireAnts



Phone: 15594106360

Address: 339 West D Street Suite 1 US-Lemoore, CA. 93245

Stock Symbol: ANTS, wANTS, rANTS


FireAnts is an open source blockchain project with the ANTS coin as its native token.

The vision of FireAnts is to provide a fair and open peer-to-peer blockchain system for everyone. FireAnts is a platform for developers to create applications for the preservation of endangered cultures. Languages, cultures, and traditions can be preserved as NFTs on the FireAnts blockchain. With the help of FireAnts, legacies can be recorded for eternity.
In addition, archaeological finds or specific items can be tagged, digitized and monetized.
The FireAnts association donates its FireAnts coins to philanthropic projects that work to increase fairness and justice in human society. Among other things, FireAnts focus on tribal sovereignty and oppressed cultures that depend on external FIAT systems.