Name: Gamestate




Address: Metaverse

Stock Symbol: STATE


Gamestate intends to harness the new-found interest in
both crypto and metaverse XR trends, offering users an
open world, multi-metaverse experience, across
interconnected blockchain platforms; all culminating in
the grand overarching concept of The Megaverse. 
The gaming industry as it exists today exacts huge tolls
on their users. In-game purchases may offer players
substantial benefits, but they rarely find opportunities
to reclaim their investment in any meaningful way.
Gamestate will revolutionise cross-platform gaming and
NFT ownership, offering limitless ways to generate value
and rewards in the native STATE currency.
Gamestate is a cross-chain, multi-world megaverse nexus,
uniting gamers, fans, developers, creators, and merchants
in an immersion of fun, discovery, and learning; featuring
sales channels for games, apps, advertising, gaming
equipment, music, media, and general merchandise, as well
as a Rocket Launchpad accelerator for indie game startups.